Do you even know if your child will be accepted? Do you know how competitive the admissions landscape is today?

There are approximately forty thousand (40,000) high schools across the country. That means there are forty thousand valedictorians and exponentially more in the top ten percent of their graduating class. How will you child stand out and get noticed on the application process?

The college process is very involved. From planning, to paperwork, to decisions, to the unknown, it is no easy task. Studemont Group College Funding Solutions, LLC provides answers, guidance, knowledge, suggestions, and Peace of Mind. Expertise: from a team consisting of dozens of experts in the world of college, college planning, and student assistance Answers: to every question that could possibly arise along the way from the ones that you wonder about to the ones that you don’t even know to ask! Personal Touch: A friendly expert, backed by a team of experts, to assist, guide, and support you along the college planning path. From mentoring and coaching, to listening and understanding, Studemont Group College Funding Solutions, LLC provides Peace of Mind.

About Studemont Group

Studemont is not your typical financial services firm. A fact that we take tremendous pride in. While other financial firms are merely concerned about what products to ultimately sell you, at Studemont we like to say we are “agnostic” to the product as long as the desired goal is achieved. Where other firms and advisors might focus solely on chasing returns, Studemont is committed to the Science, Engineering, and Academia behind achieving expected returns.