About The Studemont Group

If “conventional wisdom” is ok when it comes to financial advice and recommendations, then why does it seem like “conventional wisdom” doesn’t allow you to get way ahead of the “game.” When we began to question “conventional wisdom” for various financial concepts and goals we learned that the “science” behind the “wisdom” wasn’t relevant to issues our clients face today.

Some issues our clients come to us for advice on for “Outside the Box” thinking are:

College Funding Strategies: The price of tuition has increased at a rate of 250% over the last 30 years while salaries and income have not kept pace. The social pressure on young adults to obtain a bachelor’s degree before they will even be interviewed for potential opening is astronomical.

Tax Planning Strategies: While we are not CPA’s or Attorneys (We will be expanding our practice and hiring CPAs and attorneys very soon), we do work with your existing CPA or Attorney to help them see a bigger picture. After all, it is hard for them to see “the forest through the trees.” For many of our clients’ income tax is the biggest expense they pay on an annual basis. Legally and ethically reducing these (in conjunction with your existing CPA) allows more money to be freed up for College, Retirement, etc. This is one of the main reasons we have partnered with Columbia Benefits Consulting to assist as in TPA services for clients.

Investments Strategies: As Mentioned above we do not believe in stock picking, market timing, and track record investing. We take away the “vegas” feel of investing in the stock market. We believe in creating a Globally Diversified Academically Engineered portfolio to ensure ultimate success in your portfolios. This is all followed up by Investor Coaching sessions on a frequent basis multiple times per year to help manage Investor Behavior.

Life Insurance Strategies: Maybe the most misunderstood financial vehicle in the industry. Often times the mere mention of the word can illicit a visceral response from a person. However, when asked “why?”, many times there is emotion with no logic. Staying true to what is best versus conventional for some clients, we attack this issue head on when prudent. For some, we are even able to set this up in a way where the client will Never have to write a premium check for the insurance.

Retirement Planning Strategies: All roads point here. No matter your vision of your retirement this is what it is all about. Everything mentioned above and many concepts in between lead to retirement preparedness. This is the ultimate goal. In an ever changing world with issues new and old, you can’t do things the way the Main Stream Media would have you do them. That only makes them rich and keeps you stuck in the rat race.

Thank you for visiting our site. We love what we do and most importantly, we are experts at what we do. Our Fiduciary approach puts YOU first. We wouldn’t have it any other way.