Real estate ventures can be high-pressure whirlwind transactions. You have to move fast and you have to be ready. An acquisition strategy is key, and you need one that’s simple and straightforward. You need one that enhances your yield and makes you more money. You need the Prestige Real Estate Strategy.

Balancing low risk with high reward, your money will be safer and grow quicker than other real estate investments out there. By putting your money into our universal policy, you’re able to take out a loan against the business transaction, using the policy as collateral. This allows you to write the rate off and borrow money out of the policy to finance your real estate purchase. Because of the same safe and unique financing that brings you higher yields, life insurance is also included.

Today’s business world operates at a breakneck pace. Make moves fast, but be smart about them. Come prepared with an acquisition strategy that protects your money and earns more of it. Use the Prestige Real Estate Strategy for your next real estate transactions

About Studemont Group

Studemont is not your typical financial services firm. A fact that we take tremendous pride in. While other financial firms are merely concerned about what products to ultimately sell you, at Studemont we like to say we are “agnostic” to the product as long as the desired goal is achieved. Where other firms and advisors might focus solely on chasing returns, Studemont is committed to the Science, Engineering, and Academia behind achieving expected returns.